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When picking a domain name, you should muse upon its Top-Level Domain. Whether it will be a generic Top-Level Domain like .com, .mobi, .name, or a ccTLD such as .me, or, is dependent on the target audience and on the goal of your weblog, but also on your desire, so when you are seeking a company where you can register your domain, make certain that you elect one with an extensive number of domain name extensions.

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Some given TLDs can be registered for at least 2 years, or for no more than five, for example. An applicable illustration is the cheap domain name registration chart at 'NTC Hosting' where you can check quite an enormous collection of offered domain name extensions and exhaustive information as regards the transfer and pre-registration requirements entailed, as well as the registration term for some of the more specific top-level domain names.

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One of the things you need so as to own a website is a domain. This is the web address your web site visitors will type in their web browsers to get to your online portal and it is among the features they will identify you with. Therefore you should go for a domain name that is appropriate and descriptive, but it should also be simple to recall.

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There are two features you require so as to run a web portal. The first one is a domain that will show your web page when you write it in a browser, and the other one is a web hosting package, which is essentially the data storage space on a server where the site files will be located, plus several more features that come with it. The domain and the web hosting plan are 2 related, yet different services, and you require them both to have a working online portal.

Domain Names

A domain name as a rule has two fragments - a Top-Level Domain (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain (SLD). If you have, for instance, ".com" is the Top-Level Domain and "domain" is the SLD. Your pick should be built upon the aim of your web page and on its target audience. As you can perceive, these TLDs cover most realms of life, so you should opt for the one that would illustrate the purpose of your website best.